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Outstanding performance since 1991

Throughout his career, Joseph Gravina has been involved in landcare and property management. With roots in residential landscaping, Mr. Gravina crossed over into commercial landscaping services and never looked back. His commitment to the finest workmanship and customer satisfaction led his landscaping company to a leadership position in Central New Jersey. 





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What Distinguishes Us?

Everything. As in any business, quality begins at the top, and Joseph Gravina has built a company of experience, skill, and depth. The company’s key staff members have been with COLLINS for 10+ years, and know every aspect of the business. COLLINS teams are courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to safety. They are consistently enhancing their skills and techniques at seminars, trade shows, and with targeted training on the latest equipment. Because of this, our team stands ready year around to complete jobs of every size and description, with full mastery of our huge fleets of trucks and equipment.

“Green initiatives” have become an increasingly important part of how we do business and how we view our relationship to the environment. Our best practices include:

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