Commercial Lawn Care Services

A beautifully kept property establishes your company’s image, enhances property value, attracts new tenants, and pleases existing ones. COLLINS helps keep you ahead, providing everything from well-manicured turf to colorful floral displays to enhanced signage. We meet with you and design a complete landscape maintenance program that suits both your desires and your budget. With COLLINS, you can count on the best lawn care services like:

Expertise in Arborist Services from Recognized Specialists

Trees are a COLLINS specialty, and our Tree Team is committed to keeping yours strong, healthy and beautiful. It takes years to fully understand tree life cycles and proper care, and our experts have been tending trees for decades. From selecting, planting and tending your trees to clearing away downed trees to keep your site safe, our tree care system includes:

Commercial Snow Removal Services

Although our landscaping services are mostly used when the weather is more pleasant, we don’t stop serving our customers once the weather gets bad. Our team of professionals will be available and ready to take care of any snow and ice on your property, ensuring safety and accessibility for you, your workers, and your clients. Take a look at what snow removal services we offer.


In smaller areas and locations, we utilize shoveling techniques to fit into tight spaces and remove unwanted snow. This is your first line of defense.


Sometimes using a shovel is not enough to remove snow from a road or pavement. When there is a lot of snow and ice, we use the de-icing method to remove existing snow from the surface.

Snow Plowing

Snowplowing is used to remove large amounts of snow. In order to remove the snow, we use big vehicles that push the snow to a storage place.

Snow Hauling

In some cases, you may not have a storage place to house all of the snow. If there isn’t enough space on your property to store the snow, we remove it.

Sidewalk Clearing

To keep your walkways clear and hazard-free, we use a combination of shoveling and de-icing strategies to keep your property accessible to the public.